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The Fifth Element (1997)

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Famed Archaeologist Howard Carter opened King Tut's tomb on this day back in 1923.

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Nowhere does it list whether or not aliens were also on site, but Film366.com has proof in the Luc Besson film, The Fifth Element (1997).  Join us as we go to Egypt and then the stars.

Run Time:  126 mins
Genre:  Science Fiction, Action, Adventure
Format:  Widescreen Format, Color
Director:   Luc Besson
Starring:  Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, Chris Tucker and Luke Perry

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The Fifth Element was another one of those mid-late 90s films that helped usher in the age of digital technology.  The special effects are dead-on even for a film that is almost 20 years old.  It helps bring to light the Digital Modern Age of film-making and paved the way to the CGI intensive Hollywood that we have today.  Some would say that is a good thing and some may say that is a bad thing, but if you can understand the drive of film-makers, especially SPFX wizards, who's challenge is to make things as real as possible, then this needs to happen and if you want your audience to really believe something is real these advances in technology have to happen in order to feed a starving film-going public.  The Fifth Element was one of the pioneers.

This is a dark comedy of sorts.  It starts out in Egypt in the early 1900s, then heads to a galaxy not too far away.  It takes us to a future earth and the life of flying Taxi-Cab driver, Korben Dallas (Willis), as he becomes entrenched in a situation that could save or destroy the world.  Along the way he runs into a beautiful orange-flamed, fiery, mysterious young woman (Jovovich), who is involved with something called the fifth element and many other strange characters abound in this film. - Phil  

Interview with Milla Jovovich about The Fifth Element on YouTube:

It is exciting, fun to look at and has a spattering of comedy sprinkled throughout.  Also, keep an eye on the ever-present color of ORANGE.  It represents the ever important aura of the fifth element as the key ingredient to this film.  Also, fresh off of 90210 is Luke Perry and Chris Tucker gives a head-scratching, but very important performance as an alien TV personality.  This one has it all.  If you can get past the weirdness the reward is a great film. - Phil

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