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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Happy Chinese New Year!

So, let's enjoy Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

Run Time:  120 mins
Genre:  Martial Arts, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Format:  Widescreen Format, Color
Director:   Ang Lee
Starring:  Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi and Chen Chang Entry for the Film: Article for the Film:,_Hidden_Dragon Article for Chow Yun-Fat: Article for Michelle Yeoh: Article for Zhang Ziyi: Article for Ang Lee:

Trailer for the film on YouTube:

This film has it all.  It is a film about love, romance, revenge, sadness, lust, power and tragedy.  It has plenty of emotion when it comes to the romantic part of the film.  It has plenty of great martial arts action that is choreographed to perfection.  It was a huge box office hit, even in America when it came out.  It made Chow Yun-Fat an international star.  It won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film that year and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture that year.  Director, Ang Lee was nominated for Best Director that year.  It has a 7.9 on the IMDB, which is almost perfect on that scale.  

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon wins the Oscar® for Foreign Language Film on YouTube:

It is beautifully shot, amazing locations, has the right kind of music sense in it.  It tugs at the heart strings for the ladies to enjoy and has an amazing amount of action in it too, for the guys.  I remember when it came out in the theaters back in 2000 and what made this film so amazing was the film became popular.  It didn’t get shoved into the Martial Arts corner for that kind of crowd to enjoy alone.  It was able to appeal to a wide range of movie-goers, because it did have those ingredients in the film to appeal to others, including women, who just wanted to see a love story.  It uses amazing effects to show the power of the masters techniques and strengths.  It is a simple film, but it gives you so much more.  

An outlaw named Jade Fox has a partner who decides to steal a very ancient and powerful sword from Master Li (Yun-Fat), but what we know, but the characters do not, is the thief is a young bride who is being forced to marry into a wealthy family.  Li sets out to find his sword and runs into an old flame of his (Michelle Yeoh), who also is on this case.  Turns out these two have had feelings for each other for a very long time, but never got a chance to do anything with it.  They catch up to Jade Fox and the pursuit of revenge takes center square, for it was Jade Fox who murdered Li’s master many years ago.  This is a great film.  It is grand in its scale.  It uses techniques that are very fresh for a film like this.  It appeals to a wide range of movie fans and is a must see. - Phil

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