Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Boyz n the Hood (1991)

Black History Month continues ....... visits Black History Month for the fourth time in 2016 and it continues with the John Singleton modern classic Boyz n the Hood (1991).

Run Time:  112 mins
Genre:  Drama, Crime
Format:  Widescreen Format, Color
Director:   John Singleton
Starring:  Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Morris Chestnut, Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne Entry for the Film: Article for the Film: Article for Director John Singleton:

The Untold Story Behind the Making of Boyz N The Hood on BlackTree TV on YouTube: Article for Cuba Gooding JR:,_Jr. Article for Ice Cube: Article for Morris Chestnut: Article for Angela Bassett: Article for Laurence Fishburne:

Trailer for the Film on YouTube:

Writer/Director John Singleton once said in an interview with Ebony magazine: “There are always stories about how Whites grow up…I always wanted to do a real film about what it’s like growing up Black.” The result: his debut, award-winning feature film BOYZ IN THE HOOD which vibrantly and violently portrays the challenging life of childhood friends growing up in the South Central Los Angeles ghetto. Ironically, while making this distinctive African American film, Singleton was inspired by - and visually references – scenes from George Lucas’ first box office smash: the 1950s white teenager dramedy, AMERICAN GRAFFITI. 

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