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History of the World: Part 1 (1981)

Happy Birthday !!!!!

Today, Harvey Korman would have been 89 years old.  He was a TV and film comedy legend, known mostly for his stint on the Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978) and gained major fame during those years, opposite Tim Conway, winning four Emmy Awards out of six during his tenure on that show.

The Carol Burnett Show: The Dentist Skit on YouTube: Article for Harvey Korman:

But, as we have said before, this is a Blog about movies, so let's get a history lesson from Mel Brooks and absorb some of Harvey's theatrical work in the comedy masterpiece History of the World: Part 1 (1981).

Run Time:  92 mins
Genre:  Comedy, Adventure
Format:  Widescreen Format, Color
Director:   Mel Brooks
Starring:  Mel Brooks, Cloris Leachman, Harvey Korman, Dom Deluise, Madeline Kahn, Gregory Hines, Ron Carey, Sid Caesar and Orson Welles Entry for the film: Article for the film:,_Part_I Article for Director/Actor Mel Brooks: Article for Madeline Kahn: Article for Dom Deluise: Article for Cloris Leachman: Article for Sid Caesar: Article for Gregory Hines:

Trailer for the film on YouTube:

I had forgotten how good this movie is.  It always seemed like this film never got as much love as Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles (both 1974), did or younger people, who only remember Space Balls (1987), but I can tell you here, right now ....... It is just as good, if not better.  I think the problem was that it was way ahead of its time.  It really seems to work better now in 2016.  The humor and the approach to comedy seems much more modern than 1981.  The scale of the production seemed grander in style, because it is a combination of five or six stories that help depict the satirical history of the world.  At the center of it all is Mel Brooks playing five different roles throughout history and directing at the same time.  Surrounding Brooks is a treasure trove of comedy and acting giants.  So much fun and only 90 mins long in a tightly pieced-together gem.  It is truly brilliant. - Phil

The humor is so good, from bad toilet humor to smart commentaries on stupid human behavior and politics all throughout history.  There is physical comedy and great one-line jokes, but all of it is great.  There even is a "Walk This Way" joke.  That one never gets old.  Remember this "Walk This Way" joke? (on YouTube):

Click the link below at to see where you can stream or watch History of the World: Part 1 (1981) online or on TV right now.

Or check out to see if this film is playing on TV/Cable in your area:

My Emmy Moment: Tim Conway and Harvey Korman's Emmy Performances on YouTube:

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