Sunday, December 18, 2016

Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Chris' favorite Star Trek movie is today's Christmas FILM OF THE DAY...

Before Disney claimed the holiday season as the time to release a Star Wars movie, Paramount owned Thanksgiving to New Year's with the release of a STAR TREK movie. And this is the granddaddy of Trek holiday films: GENERATIONS - a trek film that not only has a Christmas scene, but also has Picard AND Kirk working together against one of the best villians Star Trek has ever offered. TNG fans also get a lot of stuff they've had on their own wishlist for awhile: Data having issues with his emotion chip, the saucer section proving its worth and more secrets of Guinan unraveled. I give you permission to abandon TNT's Star Wars marathon this weekend and, instead, encourage you to watch Star Trek VII: Generations. ~ Chris Entry for Star Trek: Generations:

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